How to work with pallet wood! Whether at the house or at the farm, pallets have played a major role in helping us to build much of what we need on the cheap! We’ve used free shipping crates and pallet wood to build the original chicken coop, compost bins, canning cabinet, straw bale crate planters, garden marker signs, shelves and fencing.

Probably the single biggest factor in discouraging people from working with pallets is the daunting task of taking them apart! In reality – with the right tool and process – it can be simple and quick!

Our answer – a reciprocating saw! We have found the best method is to use a reciprocating saw to cut through and release the nails and screws that hold a pallet together. Taken from this site

Deze compostbak is het volgende project. Eerder al maakten we een kruidentuin plantenbak van pallet hout en aardbeien bakken voor verticaal tuinieren. Allemaal van gratis pallethout.

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